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Spring Grading 2015

Congratulation to my  students who graded this season. Phoebe and Sam got their Green Sash, Mikaela and Lleyton made Grade 2 and Dave and Dom to Grade 3. Its been a long time in the making for most of them due to irregular training, conflicting sporting and schooling commitments, injury and just life in general getting in the way. This was my first for Fitness++, first at Dicky Beach, and first as a solo Instructor.

Special thanks to Dom and Dave especially for staying with me through my various transitions, its been a challenge but we got there. I love this this stuff!!

Dave and Dom with their  hard earned Grade 3
Dave and Dom with their hard earned Grade 3

Green sash

Green sash

Grade 2

Grade 2

My Wing Chun journey

Two  of my news year’s resolution for 2011 was to get fit and start a martial art of some form. February 2011 rolled around and I had done neither. So I decided it was time enough to do something about that. After some fruitless searching I Googled “Kung Fu” and “Sunshine Coast”. I found Sunshine Coast Wing Chun. I did some reading about Wing Chun and was intrigued. Little did I know at this stage the powerful Vortex that I was looking at.

I rocked up to Andrew Withford’s Mooloolaba Branch and I don’t really even remember those heady days, but it replaced a void in my life and I began training Monday-Thursday from 6 – 9pm most nights.

One of the more interesting elements of WC I find is Stance Training. I have an old injury to my lower back from my apprenticeship and I have been to every quack and witch doctor in Brisbane searching for lasting pain relief.  While I was on sick leave from work I tried all sorts of weird and wonderful sleeping positions, stretches and poses to get any sort of relief.

While doing the dishes one day I stumbled upon a pose that immediately took my pain from a genuine 7 out of 10 to about a 3.

The secret I found was combining everything I had been told by my physio. They used a number of analogies. “Draw in your belly button”, “Turn on you internal underpants”, “Cut off a poo”. These is of course internal contraction or “tai gun” we talk about, used to connect the upper half of our body with our lower half. Most significantly was the pain relief I got from “unlocking” or “relaxing” my knees. And finally rolling my pelvis under. Combining these three or even just the knees and pelvis rotation was enough to allow me to stand long enough to do simple choirs to be useful in my share house.

When Andrew introduced me to stance training I went whooshing back to that days of “stance” I used do staring out the window over looking Raby Bay in the Redlands. Now I combine this with Si Lim Tau and have observed some of the most magic sunsets all while working on my “Little Idea”.