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Instructor Joe Morgan

As a child I was always active, playing cricket, rugby, volleyball and basketball. I was always amazed at how my body grew and developed new skills. I had an interest in Martial Arts from a young age. Having done Judo, Jiu-Jitsu as a child and trying boxing, Karate and Tae Kwon Do later in life, I was always looking for something better.

I have been studying Wing Chun with Sunshine Coast Wing Chun since 2011. I was happy to have found the system that suited me in the Chu Shong Tin style of Wing Chun as taught through Jim Fung and my teacher the most humble Andrew Withford.

Following on from this I sought to formalise my interest in Fitness and teaching through formal study. I have achieved a Certificate III and IV in Fitness through Fitnance in Brisbane and I am now a qualified Personal Trainer. I also hold a Blue Card, CERT IV Trainer and Assessor, I’m fully Insured qualified Instructor registered with the QWCA.

I am passionate about health and fitness,  teaching people about how their body works and raising health literacy.  I love working with children and am inspired by their awesome learning capabilities and their energy and laughter. I am also passionate about working with people who have trouble with their lifestyle habits, people who are disadvantaged, through disability or for socio-economic reasons. I believe health, fitness and self defense is for everyone.

I help people overcome the daunting task of become healthy, particularly with weight loss, by breaking down the concepts and issues into manageable teachable components. Through developing a baseline then measuring incremental improvements, I can show success and help clients to maintain motivation. Health is the journey not the destination

Despite suffering from regular (back) pain and the occasional injury, I still find time to jog and train Wing Chun Kung Fu both in private personal training and public classes. I’m inspired by old kung fu masters who at very senior ages can move explosively like teenagers and are still very fit and active. My two grand mothers were very sharp in wit and active until their sad passing in very recent years. They have also inspired me to teach fitness and martial arts and live to a ripe old age. I would love to live to 90!!

I am currently based in Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast but I’m taking students in the Redlands (Cleveland, Alexandra Hill, Victoria Point, Capalaba, etc) area.

To express you interest please contact me per below.

Joe Morgan

Contact: 0466 975 988

Email: joem_au @ (without the spaces)