Sunday Morning Heart Starter

HI Peeps and thanks for checking this out. This event will be offered initially to Plodders and Fitnatics only for the moment so you are in good company.

Fitness++ Interval TrainingFor those of you who aren’t familiar with staged “interval training” , there will be up to 4 theatres of training varying in intensity for an exciting all round body work out. There are loads of ways to regress (do things easier) from “HIIT” or high Strength stuff, so anyone can participate and benefit from this format as long as you push yourself to your limits. You aren’t there to keep up with someone who is fitter or stronger than you, so just focus on yourself and have fun.

**UPDATE** The location will be Wellington Point. Park in the extreme left hand carpark as you come down the hill. See map below.  7am start SHARP and with warm up\down and stretches to be finished in a total approx. 45 minutes followed by a 5k plod after for anyone who is keen to loosen up that lactid acid. The Wello Point BP at Birkdale Road/Main Rd intersection is approx 2.5 k from the point.

Total cost to be kept to a minimum so was thinking a cool fiver to cover insurance, which I will donate to a local charity.

The session format (numbers permitting) is flexible, but I had an idea of 3-4 training areas with 4-5 “stations” in each area with various  “work-to-rest” ratios to target power and cardio with occasional HIIT spikes.

Fitness++ Sunday Morning Heart StarterHIIT is an intensity mode that see you exercise at near max exertion (think 85 to 95% of your max heart rate). Power training features moderate weights and reps (12-15 reps) with little to no rest between sets. Cardio or endurance training features low intensity but continual activity to keep you heart rate constant in the “heart rate” training zone of 60-75% of your maximum heart rate. Think a comfortable jog where you can continue a conversation. These different modes are used and together are called “Interval Trainging”.  The benefit of any training with the “High Intensity” peaks are the additional hormones that flood your system that keep your metabolism higher for longer. Also know as the EPOC effect  you continue to burn calories from 24-72 hours depending on your age, sex and body type. I remember my Metafit coaching day. Bloody hell!! Hello DOMS!!!

Also anyone who would like to attend but can’t participate, please feel free. I am looking for volunteers to help with the flow of the stages. Duties will be calling out next exercise, time keeper, taking pics, motivating  and having a laugh.

The focus will be on good technique to minimize injuries and maximize benefits and lots of fun. I’m negotiating with sponsors to get some random lucky door prizes.

What to bring: towel, workout matt, gloves and water. It will be dewy at this time of the morning, so you will probably still get wet to some degree. $2 bunning gardners gloves are great as they offer reasonably protection against sticks and rocks.

Please express you interest so I can collate numbers and get an idea what equipment to bring.

If there is enough interest I can run this a few times a month at various locations and change up the format to keep it interesting.

My only insurance requirement is to complete a health questionnaire / disclosure so I am fully aware of your personal (recent) health history. This will be kept private and wont be used for any other marketing purposes except any current medical conditions and emergency contact details. More on this closer to the event.

Numbers will be tight so get in early.

Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to seeing you all.









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