I’d rather learn Kung Fu thanks

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a complete self defence system that places emphasis on technique, speed, relaxation and natural body mechanics to defend yourself. The 5 principles of Wing Chun are simplicity, practicality, directness, economy of motion and minimal use of brute power. That means Wing Chun is great for kids and women to learn to defend themselves. The training also teaches the student to be “aware” of their surroundings and to get out of trouble before it starts.

Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu with Fitness++ or anyone from the QWCA family means you will have access to a respectable lineage of teachers traced directly up to Ip Man. Learning Kung Fu with a qualified instructor means you will build confidence and develop self respect, improve your physical fitness and self discipline and as well as makes friends and have loads of fun.

So when someone says you need to learn BJJ or Taekwondo or Karate, just say “I’d rather learn Kung Fu thanks.”

Wing Chun

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