Fitness++ General Induction

Fitness++ General Induction

 fitness plus plus induction Hello and thank you for choosing Fitness++, your first choice for weight loss, strength gain, pain management and self defense.

Have you ever wondered why we need personal trainers? Why do we become overweight, racked with pain, needing to be stronger and have an edge to defend ourselves.

It’s a hostile world and like it or not it’s survival of the fittest where the weak and the old soon wither. The elements try to break us down and remove us from existence. Our job is to procreate them get out of the way for the youth to do the same.

You could even argue that the world is out to get you. Good food is expensive, bad food is cheap, the very food companies that we trust our money and health with take short cuts to maximise profits at our expense. Some conspiracy theorists allege that these companies knowingly make us sick, hooking us into a lifetime of medication, draining us of every spare cent, killing us off before we become too much of a cost on the public purse.

Cigarettes, alcohol, food, pharmaceuticals, gambling, all these entities are own by some rich individuals siphoning the weak at every turn.

That’s where a Personal Trainer comes in. They will look at your current situation and assess how he can help you to help yourself. A good trainer will look at the whole picture and not just focus on a narrow field of expertise. A good trainer will ask questions, digging deeper into the answers to determine your goals or causes of dis-ease. Often a person who asks for help, wants help with their whole life not just one aspect of it and often wont realise it. A respected trainer will often have to counsel people for more than just weight loss or martial arts. People come wanting to fix one aspect of their life, often silently begging for help with others.

The fact that you are reading this may be because you have reached a point in the decision cycle where you are no longer happy with the status quo, have had enough of the pain that racks your body or feel vulnerable in this hostile world.

Fitness++ offer Weight Loss, Strength Gains, Run Club and Self Defence as a way of taking control of your life.

In the very near future I will offer pain management and remedial massage. 

Welcome to Fitness++, you path to recovery, health literacy and self development.

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