Balmy Cleaning Army

Fitness++ is partnering with community groups to bring people together.  I envisage a world where people who have time and energy to spare, give to the needy.

Got an hour a fortnight you and a friend can spare?

There are thousands of people in need of a volunteer who has an hour a to spare, to receive the gift of company or to supply some elbow grease, mow a lawn, take some rubbish out, change a light bulb, show someone how to use a computer, or smart phone,

Do it once a week , once a month or just once.

Its anticipated chores will be limited to minor domestics such as

  • cleaning,  doing laundry or vacuuming change a light bulb (within OHS reason)
  • preparing a meal or mowing, gardening or similar.

No dangerous work will be undertaken and to maximise safety volunteers can go in pairs.

Give the gift of hard work to an elderly person, family in crisis or busy family who needs help with that 1% in their lives to make a difference.



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