Why Add Metafit into your Weekly Training?


Metafit involves simply pushing yourself at your maximum for a short period of time and then alternating it with either very low intensity or complete rest for a longer duration. Metafit will blast fat and only lasts 25minutes.
Aerobic training is certainly not ineffective but most people want to get maximum results in the shortest space of time when it comes to reaching fitness goals and hitting targets.

For a healthy balance, Metafit could be followed by low to moderate days of aerobic training or strength conditioning to allow the body to recover. Don’t do anymore than 3 Metafit workouts (or any type of HIIT program) per week.

– Burn calories without compromising Muscle MassYou will not only burn an incredible amount of calories during a Metafit workout but will also continue to burn calories post workout for anything up to 24 hours. Metafit will also stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone and recruits large muscle fibres that would otherwise not be stimulated in low to moderate regimes, meaning you wont be sacrificing muscle mass but can actual increase your muscle definition.

– No time, no problem.
Metafit is a perfect workout for people who do not have much time to dedicate to exercise. The research suggests that that a short 20 minutes of interval training, participated in three times per week can yield more progress than an hour of jogging.

– Improve your fitness levels and condition your heart

The intensity of the workout pushes you into the anaerobic training zone which not only conditions your heart and cardiovascular fitness but gets you fit at a much faster rate than traditional aerobic training. Its great to know that you don’t have to complete long boring workouts but can achieve more effective results with short sharp intense bouts with adequate rest and recovery in between.


Check out the Metafit Aus/NZ page at https://www.facebook.com/metafitaustralia.

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