Are your office parties destroying your healthy eating habits?

Depending on your work culture, office tea parties maybe a monthy or weekly event. I used to work in an office environment where we would try to get together once a week for a catch up. It was claimed it would aid productivity and boost harmony. It was great, as we got to know each other we shared each other’s special occasions. Birthdays came first, then other milestones and finally we seems to make up events just to have morning or afternoon tea with each other. I wasn’t the first to click to what was happening, but soon I realised my reasonably healthy eating habits were been destroyed by never ending workplace nibblies. 

Then came school chocolate drives, left overs from corporate training day’s, the social club snack bar where they raised money for the yearly events. It became absurd. Eventually,  one by one people dropped off from participating in office eating events. It got to the point where there was copious amounts of food left over and the organiser of the day would walk around trying to evenly distribute sausage rolls, cream rolls and Tim Tams to unwilling recipients. Despite my petitioning, the food left on my table, would discretely be swept into my bin.  

Over time I balanced my approach so I could remain social. Here are a few things I did which helped me avoid temptation:

  • Bring lunch and snacks for regular breaks.
  • Eat my healthy snack first to avoid over-eating
  • Be scarce – avoid the event all together
  • Use a napkin instead of a plate to reduce portion sizes
  • Keep a drink in one hand to reduce how much you can carry and eat
  • Talk more, eat less
  • Choose a tea or water instead of coffee or sugary drink
  • Sometimes I just enjoyed a guilt free snack but in moderation. 🙂

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