10 daily tips to improve your health

Its not hard to stay healthy. All we need to do is respect our selves and do what most good parents told us to do as children. Reducing the list to only 10 was hard but I think these are the most important.

  1. Establish a sleep routine that suits your natural biorhythms and improves healthy body functions Sleep.
  2. Drink two to three litres of water each day.
  3. Healthy eating. Eat less processed food and more “fresh” fruit and vege’s by “colour”. (Vary what you eat by colour; red, yellow, green orange etc, it will ensure you are getting a variety of minerals and vitamins)
  4. Exercise. Exceed the minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week. Aim for 30 minutes every day of moderate workload.
  5. Take some down time to be by yourself to calm your mind.
  6. Once you have made the decision to be more health conscious surround yourself with like minded people
  7. Exercise your brain, do puzzles, learn a language, music or new skill.
  8. Stay clean. Brush your teeth properly,  wash yourself, clothes and bedding regularly. They are all a hot bed of bacteria.
  9. Remember to breath. Breathing for life will help relief stress and improve circulation.
  10. Use positive affirmations to balance the negative we constantly hear.

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