Where do I start

Beginning exercise can be intimidating. We have to admit to ourselves that our current lifestyle isn’t the best and the decision to accept that can be difficult. We may feel comfort in our old habits particularly if it involves food abuse. But something may have happened to make us question our lifestyle, a medical incident to ourselves or to someone else or  some trigger has got us thinking.  We begin to stop denying we have a problem and face the ugly truth. “I’m unfit and make bad choices.”


We are only human. Making mistakes is OK.  But admitting the problem is the first step. Acting to improve that situation is what really counts. But where do I start?


Educate yourself. Start reading about others peoples experiences. It will help make it all seem much less scary. There are MILLIONS of people who have gone before you and started exercising. You are not the first and will not be the last. Have read here about some peoples journeys and allow it to inspire you to move forward.

Find a friend  Communicate your intentions with others and find a friend who will accompany you on your journey. A husband, sister, sibling, friend. Someone who loves you and will be supportive and you are accountable to will GREATLY enhance your ability to succeed. You can definitely do it alone but having someone with you will make it easier and more fun.

Start moving. While you are thinking about changing your life style just Start Moving!! Just blast that bit. Just get out and start by walking. Play with the kids more. Jump in the car and go to a park. Take a frisbee or ball. Find something fun you like doing. Worry about the other stuff later. Replace inactivity with activity.

Look at the barriers. If you are serious about making REAL CHANGE, be scientific about how you have gotten to where you are. If it’s just general unfitness, account for your day and replace bad choices with good choices. If its obesity, analyse your  food choices. If its time management then make more time for your self and work around it. You are allowed to look after your self. Barriers might be things like money, time, children etc.

Make Better use of your time. If you find through the above that you aren’t making the best use of your time them look for improvements. For general health sake you need to exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. But this won’t make much difference when it comes to serious weight loss. You will need more like 30-45 minutes EACH day to get on top of the battle.But the good news is it doesn’t have to be all in the same session. If fact more recent studies show getting you heart rate up into or above you heart rate zone (65-75% max heart rate) is enough to continue the reversing the effects long after exercise has ceased. Research shows one HIIT (High Intensity) session can cause an after glow effect raising the metabolism for up to one month after exercise. HIIT is extremely high intensity, raising the heart rate above 75% for more than 4-5 minutes at a time! So with this in mind you can break down your workout in to 5-10 minute sessions through out the day when you can find time.

60% of your efforts should be focused on portion control. Yup thats right 60% of your weight loss efforts will come through educating your self and improving your diet. You can definitely lose weight just by improving your diet alone but it wont make you fitter or healthier. 25% of your efforts will be through exercise. The remainder of your efforts may be addressing medical issues causing poor health. The dietary stuff can be difficult to get on top of. Healthy food is more expensive than crap food and that kinda sux but you can definitely trick you body into feeling fuller for longer so you eat less and save money anyway. I can give general advice about balanced diets or speak to a doctor or dietitian about improving your dietary intake or any special needs..

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