GPs failing to help obese patients lose weight

Interesting read about the importance of Personal Trainers in the Allied Health Profession.

Its long been known Doctors aren’t good communicators, let alone teachers.  Researchers at the University of NSW have found that Doctors aren’t assessing the health literacy of their clients and are making mistakes and assumptions about weight loss attempts.

To be fair to Doctors, who usually try to shovel you through in 6 or 15 minute appointments, dont have the time nor the tools to assess and may not think it’s their job to do so. People who have low levels of health literacy dont understand how to lose weight.

Self motivation is a big factor here. People who undertake their own learning and make their own efforts to lose weight can succeed. Education, proper portion control and engaging the support of a Fitness Professional or Personal Trainer will improve the chances of a person who is trying to lose weight.

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